The Calming Kit

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What is a calming kit?

A Family Calming Kit is a set of tools that supports children and families with understanding and regulating emotions and lowering feelings of stress. By using the Family Calming Kit, children develop and understanding of their feelings to be better prepared to engage with others and learn in school.

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To register for the kit?

To register and schedule a time to pick up a calming kit, please call 1-888-479-0837.

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How to use the Calming Kit in the Classrooms


How to use the Calming Kits in the Classrooms


Un Kit calmante para las familias es un conjunto de herramientas que ayuda a los niños y a las familias a comprender y regular las emociones y reducir los sentimientos de estrés. Al usar el kit calmante para las familias, los niños desarrollan una comprensión de sus sentimientos para estar mejor preparados para relacionarse con los demás y aprender en la escuela.

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How to use the family Calming Kit at home

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How to Use the Family Calming Kit at Home


Cómo Usar el “Kit Para Calmar” para Familias

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