What We Fund

Early Learning and Care

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County uses an integrated comprehensive systems approach to create a pathway to high quality early care and education settings. Early education programs operate within interconnected social systems. Collectively, they impact the healthy development of children, their families, educators, and our community partners.

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Family Strengthening

This initiative is to give Santa Clara County families the skills and capacity to promote their children’s development, ensure their children’s school readiness, build strong family relationships, and create a connected community.

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Community Health & Wellness

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County invests in a comprehensive set of strategies that support the physical, developmental, and behavioral health of children and strengthens positive parent-child relationships.

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Community of Learning

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County’s Community of Learning offers evidence-based learning opportunities to create a highly qualified workforce that provides the highest quality services to children, families, and communities.