Commission & Committee Meetings

Members of the Public may watch and provide public comments to meetings as follows:

  • Written public comments may be submitted by email to commission@first5kids.org. Written comments will be distributed to the Commission or Committee as quickly as possible.
  • Spoken public comments will be accepted at the beginning of the meeting. To address the Commission or Committee, request to speak form will be available in person. Complete the form prior to meeting start and submit it to the clerk of the board.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Brown Act, those requiring accommodation for these meetings should notify FIRST 5 24 hours prior to the meeting at 408-260-3787 or commission@first5kids.org.

Meeting Location
The location of the Commission meetings, unless otherwise noted, are:

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County

4000 Moorpark Avenue

San Jose, CA 95117

Upcoming Meetings

July 2024
No Meeting

Personnel & Finance Committee

The Personnel and Finance Committee oversees the annual budget process, operations and administration, including audits, expenditures, contracts, investments, personnel, policies and facilities.

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Issues: Review & Development Committee

The committee oversees the discussion and/or review of pending and proposed legislation at the local, state, and federal level and the discussion and/or review of policy-level emerging issues. The Committee also assists and coordinates legislative action; develops a policy platform; enhances the FIRST 5 System of Care; and furthers the goals of FIRST 5.

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Program & Evaluation Committee

The committee oversees the development of new programs, the implementation of evaluation tools and data gathering methodologies, and monitors existing programs and community activities. The committee also reviews the evaluation components of all programs prior to initial funding and then reviews each program’s performance in accordance with the established evaluation criteria, prior to any decision to continue funding the program.

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