Who We Are

Our Vision

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County will be a catalyst for ensuring that the developmental needs of children prenatal through age 5 are a priority in all sectors of the community.

Our Mission

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County supports the healthy development of children, from prenatal through age 5, and enriches the lives of their families and communities.


To fulfill our strategic vision and continue to positively impact children and families in our community, we added goals for financial sustainability.

  • Connect families to affordable, quality supports and services that meet children’s basic needs and safety
  • Engage families in our work, including advocacy and leadership opportunities
  • Promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at FIRST 5.
  • Strengthening the diverse workforce that supports young children and their families.


  • Collaboration: We co-create in partnership with others, prioritize lived experience, and develop strategies that advance the well-being of families with young children.
  • Inclusivity: We center diverse perspectives to ensure the representation and participation of marginalized individuals throughout our work.
  • Creativity: We approach our work from a place of curiosity, joy, innovation, and openness to new ideas.
  • Integrity: We are accountable for our actions and the outcomes of our work, striving for transparency with the community, our partners, and each other.
  • Equity: We advocate for fair access to opportunities and seek solutions that disrupt systemic oppression, close gaps, and remove barriers that harm families with young children.