Neonatal Intensive Care

Giraffe Beds

FIRST 5 supported the purchase of giraffe beds, providing premature infants with controlled, stress-reduced environments, similar to the mother’s womb.

Total Body Cooling Program

FIRST 5 supported the implementation of the Total Body cooling program, a life-saving technology that benefits infants who have been deprived of oxygen at birth.

Family-Centered Care Program

FIRST 5 supports the implementation of the NICU Family-Centered Care Program, giving families personalized support from a Family Baby Advocate and Family Support Specialist. These specialists attend health care appointments with families, provide communication about treatments and procedures, and facilitate support groups and reflection activities. The program also supports emergency assistance for low-income families, including meal and transportation vouchers and bereavement support.

Infants Exposed to Substances

FIRST 5 invests in a program that supports babies exposed to substances, with a special emphasis on those exposed to opiates, including prescription medications like methadone and illicit substances like heroin. This program refers mothers to community-based support programs that help them closely monitor and appropriately care for their babies.


NICU team supports families and brings treatment home