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Our newsletter contains updates on what FIRST 5 Santa Clara County has been working on, County updates, community and policy updates, upcoming events, and features on our partners and families. We understand email fatigue so we only send this communication to our subscribers once a month. You can read our current issue below.

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Potter the Otter

A new blog post published by Stanford Medicine explores a recent study on how children’s storybook messages can promote healthy habits. In the study, pediatrician Anisha Patel, MD, investigated how the messages in the Potter, Potter: A Tale About Water storybook influenced parents and caregivers to serve their children healthier beverages. The blog post also explores what messages were most successful in getting young children to drink more water.

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The year, 2022, marked a new era where we all started learning to live with the COVID- 19 virus. While there was a lot of fear and change during the year, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County continued to excel in providing crucial supplies, resources and services to children and families amid this time of hardship…

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As families across the U.S. struggled to find and afford diapers as well as formula for their babies, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County distributed millions of diapers and thousands of cans of formula. Through FIRST 5’s six strategic initiatives, thousands of children received improved access to affordable quality early learning and state of the art medical care with connection to developmental and behavioral screenings. An increased number of children were reunited with their families in the Superior Court Child Welfare System and greater resources were provided in order to support a high qualified workforce to provide services to children, families and the community.

Calming Kit

The Calming Kit is a set of tools that supports children and families with understanding and regulating emotions and lowering feelings of stress. By using the Calming Kit, children develop an understanding of their feelings to be better prepared to engage with others and learn. You can learn more about the Calming Kit on the Inclusion Collaborative website by clicking Learn More.

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