Healthy Lifestyle

FIRST 5 has invested in providing fluoridated water to children and families throughout Santa Clara County, as oral health plays a key role in a child’s success and overall health. Partners in the Health and Wellness Initiative ensure that children have access to health insurance, receive preventative health care and treatment (including well-child check-ups, vision screening, hearing screening, and oral health care), and have access to information and activities that promote breastfeeding, healthy nutrition, and physical activity. 

10 Steps to a Healthier You

10 Steps to a Healthier You is a three-workshop series that promotes overall health and wellness. It is free for parents, caregivers, and early learning providers. The workshops provide practical information on how to build healthy home habits by focusing on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management. 

Double Up Food Bucks

FIRST 5 invests in Double Up Food Bucks, a pilot project to help families participating in the CalFresh program by matching funds to provide better access to more affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. The pilot is currently operating in six county grocery stores. The pilot’s goal is to develop a statewide, permanently funded healthy food incentive program integrated into the CalFresh program at farmers’ markets and grocery stores.

Oral Health

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease found in young children. In Santa Clara County, roughly half of low-income children have a history of cavities before entering Kindergarten. Oral health disease can impact children’s growth, speech, development, school readiness, and overall quality of life. To support children’s oral health, FIRST 5 invests in programs that support prevention, early identification, and treatment of tooth decay.

Lactation Promotion

In partnership with the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department (CSCPHD), FIRST 5 invests in a Public Health Nutritionist who promotes breastfeeding in Santa Clara County by sharing resources, support, education, training, with a focus on systems and policy change. The Public Health Nutritionist works with community partners to promote maternal and infant health through increased rates of breastfeeding, increased duration of exclusive breastfeeding, and continuation of breastfeeding upon introduction of solid foods.