Incarcerated Parents Services

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

Triple P supports incarcerated parents and caregivers to guide their child’s behavior in a positive way that reduces stress and builds strong family relationships. The program offers a number of tips for raising a happy and confident child while incarcerated.

24/7 Dad

The 24/7 Dad program supports incarcerated fathers and male caregivers in strengthening their relationship with their children. The program also prepares participants for release so they can continue to play an active role in their child’s life. Participants attend small group sessions designed to strengthen fathering knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors is an evidence-based workshop that supports parents and caregivers in developing leadership skills to become role models and advocates in their child’s life. Through interactive activities and discussions, participants learn strategies to promote their family’s overall well-being and long-term success.

Resources offered upon release

Program Specialists develop Family Success Plans with recently released parents and caregivers who have children under age six to connect them to programs, services, and activities within their local community, such as:

  • Ongoing support to access key resources
  • Connection to the Santa Clara County Reentry Resource Center
  • Parenting workshops
  • Health, nutrition, and wellness information
  • School readiness activities for children
  • Children’s health insurance enrollment and connection to a Medi-Cal Home Physician
  • Connection to the FIRST 5 Health and Early Learning System of Care
  • Connections to FIRST 5 Family Resource Centers
    • Health screenings for children including vision, hearing, dental, developmental, and behavioral
    • Home visitation and therapeutic services


This video explores FIRST 5’s programs and services for incarcerated parents.