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FIRST 5 Santa Clara County serves a diverse array of children, families and providers. Included in this section are a Profile of Children and Families and a dynamic risk factors map across the country.

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Community Health & Wellness

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County’s Health and Wellness Initiative invests in a variety of health and developmental screenings, as well as early intervention services. These services to improve the physical, developmental, and behavioral health of children, and strengthen positive parent-child relationships.

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Family Strengthening

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County’s Strengthening Families Initiative is a place-based strategy that strengthens knowledge of child development, family resilience, and social connections. Specific services include parent workshops, developmental screenings, drop-in services, and referrals to community resources.

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Early Learning

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County uses a comprehensive, integrated, systematic approach to ensure all children in Santa Clara County experience high-quality early care and education opportunities in all settings, preparing them to be lifelong learners at home school, and in their communities.

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Community of Learning

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County’s Community of Learning Initiative offers evidence-based learning opportunities in order to create a highly qualified workforce that provides the highest quality services to children, families, and communities.

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FIRST 5 Santa Clara County’s Communication Initiative leads outreach and education efforts to ensure the entire community has access to the latest information on key issues impacting the healthy development of young children.

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