What We Do

Workforce Development 

About the Community of Learning

The Community of Learning (COL) provides child-focused and family-centered professional development opportunities to a multidisciplinary workforce serving children prenatal through age 5 and their families.

Through an investment in evidence based and research-informed professional development and learning opportunities, the Community of Learning is working toward the outcome of developing and strengthening a highly qualified workforce that provides the highest quality services to children, families, and communities.

FIRST 5’s Community of Learning works toward this outcome through investment in strategies that include, but are not limited to: providing training on common, validated assessment tools; developing and sustaining local capacity and expertise on evidence based practices through a Training-of-Trainers model; and increasing service providers’ access to early childhood development information through available technologies such as
webinars and audio/video podcasts.

The Community of Learning supports partners across multiple disciplines, such as Therapeutic Service Providers, Early Childhood Educators, Home Visitors, Community Workers, Family Support Specialists, Program
Managers/Supervisors, and Systems Leaders.

As a result of participating in FIRST 5 professional development opportunities, the majority of participants improved their agency’s capacity to: 

  • Better understand the developmental needs of children prenatal through age 5 
  • Collaborate with other agencies to improve the ability of the service system to respond to community needs
  • Provide services that were accessible by children with disabilities
  • Provide services that were accessible by families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds

Partners, click here to visit our Community of Learning site to find out about current professional development opportunities.