FIRST 5 Santa Clara County is united against racism in all forms, and in the mission that every child has a right to grow up healthy and safe. We stand for equity and inclusion for every child, every family, and every member of society because we value the lives of George Floyd (a father), Breonna Taylor (a sister), Ahmaud Arbery (a son), Tony McDade (a son), and Nina Pop (a sister). We pledge to continually examine and evolve our work, with humility so that equity and inclusion are centered in everything we do.

Systemic factors hold inequity in place, and we must dismantle the root causes of racism. We will keep working shoulder to shoulder with our families, our partners, and our community to build a world of equal opportunity, shared prosperity and growth, and strong communities so that children can grow healthy and thrive.

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County remains steadfast in our support for the Black, African American, African/African Ancestry  communities  and communities of color in Santa Clara County.  We continue to work closely with the County and our community-based organizations to unite all people to talk about issues of racism, oppression, and inequality because all Black lives matter. Black, African American, and African/African Ancestry communities in the United States  have shouldered the burden of systemic racism for the last  400 years. This past week serves as a continual reminder of the pervasive, unabating systemic inequities throughout our society and government.

As a community, we must strengthen our partnerships to support the Black, African American, African/African Ancestry families and all families of color and create systems of accountability to create a more just and equitable society.  Only together can we find common ground for the necessary healing, accountability, and reform.

The lives of Black children and all children of color matter. The time for healing and systemic transformation is now.

In partnership,
FIRST 5 Santa Clara County