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Parent Workshops

Raising a child is a rewarding and exciting experience, but as a parent or caregiver, it is completely normal for you to face challenges and have questions along the way.

FIRST 5 offers free workshops that support you in your role as a parent/caregiver by connecting you with other parents in your community and offering tips and tools you can use to raise a happy, confident child.

Positive Parenting
Program (Triple P)
Early Literacy
Abriendo Puertas
(Opening Doors)

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

Triple P is program that provides support to help you guide your child’s behavior in a positive way that reduces stress and builds strong family relationships. The program offers practical answers and parenting support – allowing you to pick what works best for your family.

Triple P will help you: 

  • Encourage the behaviors you like and manage misbehavior
  • Set rules that everyone respects and follows
  • Take care of yourself as a parent and feel confident you are doing the right thing 
  • Raise happy, confident kids

Every parent has different needs, so whether you are looking for a few simple tips or more in-depth support resolving a complex family issue, there is a Triple P program for you. 

Click here to learn more about the Triple P programs we offer and how to register. 

Triple P Group Training Calendar 2016-2017

SEEDS of Early Literacy

You are your child’s first teacher.  When you play, read, and talk together you are building the skills your child needs to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. SEEDS shows you easy, everyday ways to strengthen these skills.  

SEEDS Workshops are offered at our Family Resource Centers.  Call your local Family Resource Center to find out about upcoming workshops.

Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors)

Based on parents’ real –life experiences, this interactive program supports you in becoming a strong advocate for your child and their education.  You can connect with other parents in your community and get information on early learning opportunities and local resources.  

Abriendo Puertas workshops are offered at our Family Resource Centers.  Call your local Family Resource Center to find out about upcoming workshops.