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Resources and Tools

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Brazelton Touchpoints Approach

The Brazelton Touchpoints model as an approach for enhancing the competence of caregivers and building strong family-child relationships in the early years in order to lay the foundation for children’s healthy development.

Strengthening Families Approach

The Strengthening Families Approach, including the 5 Protective Factors and the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support, is a framework used to increase family stability, enhance children development, and reduce child abuse and neglect.

FIRST 5 Child Signature Program:
Preparing Children for Success in Kindergarten and Beyond

The FIRST 5 Child Signature Program, formerly known as the Power Preschool, has been providing high-quality early learning opportunities for Santa Clara County children since 2005.

The program focuses on building supportive relationships between teachers, administrators, family support and mental health specialists, and families in order to provide young children with the highest quality early education. Through these connections, the Child Signature Program strives to ensure that when children leave the preschool classroom, they have grown confident and strong in their ability to begin kindergarten ready to succeed.

Learn more about the impact of the Child Signature Program through stories from parents, teachers, and staff.

FIRST 5 Learning Together Initiative:
A Place-Based Strategy for Family Support and School Readiness

FIRST 5’s Learning Together Initiative works directly in communities to support school readiness through Family Resource Centers. These resource centers are local places where children, parents, and caregivers can learn and grow together.

Located in neighborhoods throughout Santa Clara County, Family Resource Centers cater to the specific needs of the children and families in the communities they serve . By offering school readiness activities as well as parenting workshops, Family Resource Centers serve as a community learning hub.

Learn more about the programs and services offered at FIRST 5 Family Resource Centers through the stories of parents and staff.

Investing in the First 5 Years of a Child's Life:
A Community Call to Action

Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the first five years - providing an unprecedented opportunity to shape the thinking, learning, development, and health of a child.

When investments are made in a child’s earliest years, children are put on a trajectory to become successful in school and successful in life. This, in turn, benefits communities as a whole – with research continuing to show that for every $1.00 invested in a child’s life before age six, over $7.00 of community benefit is given back to all of us.

Learn more about the critical need for investments in early childhood and FIRST 5’s commitment to investing in the wellbeing of our youngest children.

The Collective Impact of FIRST 5 Santa Clara County

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County is proud to serve the young children and families of our county as a funder, a resource, and an advocate.  Through innovative programs, advocacy efforts, and key partnerships, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of children birth through age five, and supported tens of thousands of parents in their role of a child’s first teacher.

Learn more about the diverse and lasting impact FIRST 5 has had on our community from County Supervisor and FIRST 5 Commissioner Ken Yeager,  Silicon Valley Leadership Group Senior VP Dennis Cima, and FIRST 5 Santa Clara County CEO Jolene Smith.

The Power of Relationships in Early Childhood Development - Series 02

BEHAVIOR HAS MEANING: During this portion of the series, we will think and learn about how infants and young children communicate through behavior. As infants grow, they become more skilled at communication and begin to express their needs through gestures such as, pointing, looking, and of course through their use of language.

The Power of Relationships in Early Childhood Development - Series 01

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: In this series Kadija speaks to parents and providers an understanding of how relationships with young children develop, and why these relationships are so important. Kadija utilizes the transactional model of development to support our understanding of how the child, parent and environment influence each other and ultimately child development.