As many as one in four children, birth through age 5, are at moderate or high risk for developmental or behavioral delay.

FIRST 5 collaborates with partners to identify children at risk for poor developmental and behavioral health.  FIRST 5 partners utilize the Ages and Stages Questionnaires® Third Edition (ASQ-3) and Ages and Stages Questionnaires®: Social Emotional (ASQ:SE), which are standardized questionnaires with high reliability and validity designed to help parents monitor their child’s development and identify potential challenges.

Based on the results of the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE, as well as the concerns of parents/caregivers, teachers, and/or service providers, children are referred to the KidConnections Network of Providers for further assessment and early prevention and intervention services as needed.

Furthermore, to ensure that developmental and behavioral screening is widely accessible and routinely conducted, FIRST 5 has partnered with the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System, the Santa Clara County Mental Health Department, and community-based pediatric clinics to implement a Universal Developmental Screening pilot project.

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