Early Learning Initiative

Community Indicator Trends

FIRST 5’s Early Learning Initiative is a comprehensive, integrated, systematic approach to improve the quality of early learning and increase school’s readiness to meet the needs of children in Santa Clara County. The initiative is built on the following principles that all children deserve access to.

Quality Matters Annual Snapshot

Quality Matters a Strong Start for kids is a community partnership focused on increasing the quality of licensed early learning programs serving children age’s birth through 5 in Santa Clara County.

myTeachstone Annual Snapshot

The online learning platform, myTeachstone, increases educators’ access to a robust professional development library of resources, and supports individual coaching and peer group involvement in professional development.

SEEDS Annual Snapshot

SEEDS of Learning is a nationally recognized professional development program for parents/caregivers and educators of young children. This program is designed to help children in their care develop the early literacy skills and the social-emotional foundation they need to be ready for kindergarten.

SEEDS Success Stories

FIRST 5’s Superior Court and Child Welfare Initiative invests in public health nurses and care coordinators to conduct screening, assessments, and connect families in the court and child welfare systems to essential services.

Universal Access Pilot Snapshot

The Universal Access Pilot is a macro-level prevention framework involved in the development, implementation, and testing of an integrated resource navigation approach intended to close the achievement gap for families in the Franklin-McKinley and Alum Rock districts.

Kindergarten Readiness Program

Annual Snapshot

Upon entering school in Fall 2018, kindergartners across Santa Clara County were assessed by their teachers using the Kindergarten Observation Form (KOF), a valid and reliable tool that captures children’s social-emotional and cognitive readiness for kindergarten.

Early Childhood Assets

Early Childhood Assets and Kindergarten Readiness.

Homelessness and School Readiness

Providing safe and secure environments to children in early childhood is important for their developmental outcomes. Research has shown that homeless and highly mobile children are at risk for poor school readiness.

Resilience and School Readiness

Resilience refers to the capacity to cope with challenges and stressors. Children who are resilient are able to calm themselves quickly when they get upset and adjust well to changes.

School Readiness Amongst Vietnamese Students

School Readiness among Vietnamese Kindergartner’s in Santa Clara County.