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FIRST 5 Family Resource Centers

FIRST 5 invests in neighborhood-based Family Resource Centers throughout Santa Clara County which are designed to provide children, parents, and caregivers with welcoming, innovative spaces to learn and grow together.

What is a FIRST 5 Family Resource Center?

Family Resource Centers offer free resources, educational activities, and parenting workshops for families with children under age six – providing support and developing the skills children and families need for success.

What Resources are Available?

At a Family Resource Center, you can receive information on programs, services, and activities such as:

Preschool programs in your area

Healthy eating and nutrition

Fun and educational family activities

Community resources

Affordable children’s health insurance programs

Your child can also receive a developmental screening, which uses healthy milestones to help identify your child’s strengths as well as any areas in which he or she may need further support. You will receive information on what to expect as your child grows and learn about activities you can do together to strengthen development.

Additionally, Family Resource Centers provide free parenting workshops which support you in your role as your child’s first, and most important, teacher.

More Information

Click here to find a Family Resource Center location near you, and check out the short video above to listen to parents and staff share their experiences with FRC programs and services.