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For Partners 

Funding Opportunities

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County administers funding for proposals and projects through a transparent Request for Proposal/Request for Qualifications process.  As new funding and contract opportunities become available, they will be listed below.

Evaluation Services Request for QualificationCommunications Consultation Services Request for Qualification

Evaluation Services Request for Qualifications

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5) is seeking applications from qualified individual consultants or firms to provide evaluation services in collaboration with FIRST 5 staff. These evaluation services will ensure that timely, accurate, and relevant program data are collected, analyzed, and reported on a regular basis to FIRST 5 staff and Commissioners, partners, and other key stakeholders.  These evaluation services are a critical component of FIRST 5’s continuous quality improvement (CQI) efforts, and support the agency’s commitment to incorporate principles and practices of quality and accountability throughout the organization.  The selected applicant will build upon the current agency-wide CQI efforts that include: agency-wide logic models, initiative/program-level evaluation plans, data dashboards, quarterly progress reporting template, and production of quarterly and annual reports.

The selected applicant, in partnership with FIRST 5 staff, will conduct evaluation services that will address immediate, mid-term and long-term evaluation questions on the program, initiative, and/or agency-level. These evaluation questions seek to better “tell the story” of FIRST 5’s investments and ensure that consistent and regular reports are being produced to share this story to internal and external stakeholders. The selected applicant will expand upon the existing FIRST 5 CQI efforts and identify gaps that may exist in data collection and reporting. This includes, but may not be limited to, the following activities: development and implementation of evaluation tools, data collection, data analysis, provision of technical assistance, and development of quarterly and annual reports.  In addition, the selected applicant will be responsible for the production of ongoing reports that provide consistent updates on the status and progress of programs and initiatives.

Evaluation Services RFQ
Evaluation Services RFQ- Application Cover Sheet

Request for Qualifications Communications Consultation Services

FIRST 5 invites responses to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Communications Consultation Services from qualified parties.

In close collaboration with FIRST 5 staff, the selected Respondent will develop and deliver a Strategic Communications Plan and Implementation Plan to serve as a roadmap for how communication activities and public education campaigns supporting the needs of children prenatal to age 5 and their families in Santa Clara County, will be developed, implemented and measured. The Plan will support the implementation of strategic and systemic investments to achieve positive child, family and community outcomes.

Proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. on March 10, 2017.

Request for Qualifications Communications Consultation Services
Request for Qualifications Communications Consultation Services – Attachment A

Updated RFQ Timeline

Updated on March 20th, 2017

Release of RFQ                                                                        February 24 , 2017
Deadline for Respondents Questions                              March 2, 2017
FIRST 5 Posts Answers to Respondents Questions       March 3, 2017
Proposals Due                                                                         March 10, 2017
Review of Proposals                                                              March 13 – March 31, 2017
Announcement of Recommendation                               April 3, 2017
Letter of Notification                                                            April 4, 2017
Appeal Deadline                                                                     April 7, 2017
Agreement Negotiations                                                     April 10 – April 21, 2017
Anticipated Start Date                                                         April 24, 2017

Answers to Respondent Questions

Updated on March 3rd, 2017

Is there a requirement or preference for bidders to be local to Santa Clara County?        
There is no location requirement or preference.

Has FIRST 5 had a communications plan or program in the past? If so, could bidders have access to it or could key elements be shared?
FIRST 5 does not have a prior formalized communications plan.

Is there an expectation for the proposer to perform research in advance of developing the Communications and Implementation Plans? If so, what communications research has been done to date and is it possible to review findings and potentially use them as a baseline?
There are no specific expectations. Respondents should perform research on Santa Clara County demographics, FIRST 5’s current communications efforts, Potter the Otter, and key early childhood issues to the extent that they feel it will help develop a robust and informed submittal.

How many people comprise the FIRST 5 communications team and what are their areas of expertise?
FIRST 5’s communications team consists of:
Chief of Policy and Communication: Oversees department and provides strategic direction on communications efforts
Design Director: Manages web and graphic design projects
Assistant Director of Communication: Manages communications projects and campaigns, develops written copy
Graphic and Web Designer: Designs web-based and print materials and manages the FIRST 5 website
Program Specialist: Provides administrative support to the department and manages distribution of collateral items

If some items in the plan are outsourced, will the firm that provides the Communications Plan be allowed to compete for that work?
If specific items within the plan are outsourced, an RFQ will be released and the selected respondent will be allowed to apply.

Are there any desired stakeholder inputs that have already been identified as 'must dos' and that should be included in the communications planning process and budget?
Respondents are encouraged to use their discretion to determine the components necessary for a successful and robust communications and implementation plan.  Building community awareness of key issues impacting children prenatal through age five and developing policy and advocacy strategies are key aspects that respondents may want to address in their submittal.

How do you want to receive the electronic copy of the submittal?
Please email an electronic copy of the submittal to

Is there a designated budget range for this project, including for implementation of the selected plan?
The annual communications budget set aside to implement all communications related activities is roughly $500,000. The cost of developing the communications plan may not exceed $50,000.

Who will be responsible for executing the implementation plan?
FIRST 5 staff will be responsible for ensuring implementation of the plan, however FIRST 5 may elect to utilize external consultants to leverage their particular knowledge, experience or staffing capacity on certain aspects of the plan if it is deemed in the best interest of FIRST 5.

Can prior project samples be submitted using the consultant's letterhead and/ or branded materials? Are there any related restrictions to be aware of?
Prior project samples can include the consultant’s letterhead and branding. Note that all items included in the submittal will become property of FIRST 5 and will not be returned.