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For Partners 

Funding Opportunities

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County administers funding for proposals and projects through a transparent Request for Proposal/Request for Qualifications process.  As new funding and contract opportunities become available, they will be listed below.

Evaluation Services Request for Qualifications

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5) is seeking applications from qualified individual consultants or firms to provide evaluation services in collaboration with FIRST 5 staff. These evaluation services will ensure that timely, accurate, and relevant program data are collected, analyzed, and reported on a regular basis to FIRST 5 staff and Commissioners, partners, and other key stakeholders.  These evaluation services are a critical component of FIRST 5’s continuous quality improvement (CQI) efforts, and support the agency’s commitment to incorporate principles and practices of quality and accountability throughout the organization.  The selected applicant will build upon the current agency-wide CQI efforts that include: agency-wide logic models, initiative/program-level evaluation plans, data dashboards, quarterly progress reporting template, and production of quarterly and annual reports.

The selected applicant, in partnership with FIRST 5 staff, will conduct evaluation services that will address immediate, mid-term and long-term evaluation questions on the program, initiative, and/or agency-level. These evaluation questions seek to better “tell the story” of FIRST 5’s investments and ensure that consistent and regular reports are being produced to share this story to internal and external stakeholders. The selected applicant will expand upon the existing FIRST 5 CQI efforts and identify gaps that may exist in data collection and reporting. This includes, but may not be limited to, the following activities: development and implementation of evaluation tools, data collection, data analysis, provision of technical assistance, and development of quarterly and annual reports.  In addition, the selected applicant will be responsible for the production of ongoing reports that provide consistent updates on the status and progress of programs and initiatives.

Evaluation Services RFQ
Evaluation Services RFQ- Application Cover Sheet